FFR - Software Development Detailed v1

Voxphera Inc.
Company Voxphera Inc.


Workflow Name Workflow Description
BR - Analysis Business Requirements - Analysis Open / TODO
BR - Negotiation Business Requirements - Negotiation Open / TODO
BR - Approved ! Business Requirement Approved Open / TODO
IMPL - Design Implementation - Designing the logic to resolve the Requierement Open / TODO
IMPL - Coding Coding the logic for the Requirement Open / TODO
IMPL - Dev Test Testing the logic created, building Test Scenarios with Junit, Spock, etc Open / TODO
IMPL - Code Review Approval from the Team and Architect Open / TODO
IMPL - Approved ! The logic has been completed and passed the basic tests Open / TODO
BUILD - SYNC Synchronize the code to the Repository (ex: GitHub, Jenkins, Scripts, etc ) Open / TODO
BUILD - CREATE Create the resource (jar, war,sar, bundle, etc ) with the new / improved functionality. Open / TODO
STG - Planning Setup a QA plan for testing and configuration Open / TODO
STG - Configure Configure the Staging Environment so QA team is able to run their own testing. Open / TODO
STG - Testing Testing the functionality in Staging Environment Open / TODO
STG - Approved ! The functionality has been tested by the QA team Open / TODO
PREPRD - Planning Setup a plan for the release and monitoring on preproduction Open / TODO
PREPRD - Configure Configure the Preproduction environment to run the QA tests - It can a release to a specific area or region Open / TODO
PREPRD - Monitor Monitor the functionality - Checking logs, stats, etc. Open / TODO
PREPRD - Approved ! The functionality is good to be released in production or released to new areas. Open / TODO
PRD - Planning Setup a plan to release the functionality to production. Open / TODO
PRD - Configure Configure the resources in production to run the new functionality. Open / TODO
PRD - Monitor Monitor the functionality - Checking logs, stats, etc Open / TODO
Completed Generate documentation, reports and final steps. Open / TODO
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